Meet empower Herfuture

an organization dedicated to helping young women develop the confidence and skills they need to excel in the professional world and accomplish their goals through free skill-based workshops


what we do

Empower HerFuture is an organization centered on helping young women find their voice, develop leadership and confidence skills so that they can succeed in school and post-graduation through free skill-based workshops. HerFuture workshops function on the principle that the best way to succeed is by building one another up and working collaboratively. The organization is based in Northern California and provides free workshops, resources and summit events for high schools and clubs in the surrounding area.

HerFuture mentors

HerFuture is going nation-wide! HerFuture is in the process of expanding to other regions by working with representatives from colleges around America. If you are interested in becoming a HerFuture Mentor and facilitating HerFuture workshops in your area please reach out! Being a HerFuture Mentor means you'll receive extensive training in EHF workshops and outreach strategies. We are also looking for passionate individuals to join our team and have openings for our social media strategist as well as communications and outreach coordinator positions. 


in a study conducted by Scholars at BriGHAM Young University and Princeton, researchers found that In most groups they studied, the time that women spoke was significantly less than their proportional representation – amounting to less than 75% of the time that men spoke.


this is a problem 


Let's fix It